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Light golden blonde and crispy on the outside, white and fluffy on the inside with a taste of real potato - everyone loves a perfect chip however such perfection is surprisingly hard to come by. Well not anymore! We have worked hard testing and trying numerous different methods, ingredients and timings and we are happy to say that we have achieved potato perfection

Here is an overview of how do we do it.
The timings, temperatures and amount of sampling that takes place are all top secret !


Only the best potato will do. We get ours from The Potato Store in Kent


We leave the skin on – it adds a nutritious crunch and tastes great


We then rinse in cold water to wash away some of the excess starch


Some clever bio-chemistry reactions here make for a better chip for you later


We found this makes the final chip much crispier


Low and slow fry in a combination of vegetable and sunflower oils


Freezing of the internal water crystals improves the final crunch



High and fast fry to crisp up, season and serve

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